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Jordan Campbell was born February 5, 1995 in Sun Valley, CA. to Corlis Renae Thompson, a successful business woman. He graduated with a Bachelors in Business at the University of Antelope Valley and is currently working on his MBA. Currently he is a Bay Area / Los Angeles Actor, Stand-up Comedian and Improvisational Artist. Jordan has been telling stories and making people laugh on stage in open mics and social venues since he was 10. It was something he did for fun because he loved entertaining people and it later became a passion during college when he started work as a Collegiate Sports Broadcaster. After graduating Jordan continued to entertain doing stand up shows at Cobb’s Comedy Club, the Blue House, and the Comedy Store while acting in movies throughout California, performing voiceover work for animation films and being involved with various D&D Streams. Passion for the entertainment industry is expanding as Jordan continues to train in improvisational acting, classes in the Meisner technique with the Bay Area Acting Studio, sitcom writing and acting with well renowned author and acting coach Scott Sedita, Voice Acting with Aliki Theofilopoulos, and various forms of Martial Arts at the American Kickboxing Academy. In his free time Jordan enjoys reading books on philosophy, playing RPG’s & video games, and hitting the gym for some boxing and wrestling.

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