Dark and Light

It’s never easy to walk life aloneThe cold and darkness creeps upTapping on your shoulder to pull you inThe light forever fadingGiving the darkness more powerCurled up in the cornerYou try and hide from itWhere is the one you loveWhere is the family you hold dearThe darkness creeps in filling those holesWith nothingnessWhat to doContinue reading “Dark and Light”

Lost Lamb

Do you not feel the Love?Do you not feel the Hate?Do you not understand, you will never escape the fate? I tried for us to be on the same pages,Repeatedly and endlessly for ages.But she changed on me like a flip book,Decorating my memories like a scrapbook.Images, colors, glitter, and glue had littered my mind,IContinue reading “Lost Lamb”

A Journey

I’ve been thinkingSlipping and tripping on the wrong things.My mind, spiraling out of control at the worse thoughts.Cascading and descending to the darkest recesses. Deeper.Darker.Daunting.Depressing. Unrelenting fears of what could one day be.Truthfully fearful of never having what could have been.Never-ending in my self-torment of regret and indecision.Countless moments wasted for chances so worthless. Slowly.Slyly.Solemn.Somber.Continue reading “A Journey”

Quality > Quantity

Wisdom is not determined by the years that one has experienced hardships. Wisdom is obtained by the actions taken to ensure negative repercussions will no longer become a constant.80 years old. 60 years left.40 years lived.20 years fresh.No matter the time, each one can learn something from the one before them and surely learn somethingContinue reading “Quality > Quantity”

By Air, Land, and Sea

Through the sky I once soared,A freedom I wish I cherished.Never had I realized the beauty of the air,Not until my ability of flight hath perished. Now I run along the gentle soil,Though my gaze lingers on the sky.Still I maintain my sense of freedom,But when I recall my wings I wonder why. Soon IContinue reading “By Air, Land, and Sea”


My skin is cold to the touch,Steel woven to make my skin.My bones are brittle,Copper core through to the morrow.My veins are solid gold,Pumping nothing but lead and graphite.My hair is silver strings,Slowly fading and rusting away.My vision remains ever clear,Through the eyes of shimmering diamonds.I smile from time to time,Take note of the rowsContinue reading “Papier-Mâché”

Many Words

I don’t know how many sweet words I have conjured into your mind,But, tell me, do you remember them all?Relentless of what you do everyday. Do all the words remain intact within your mind?Do they please you when you are unpleased?And do they intrigue you when you are relieved?I don’t know how many words IContinue reading “Many Words”