This is a reminder, written for Jordan but meant for any person that reads this. You can be unstoppable. Things may come in your path that will cause you to stumble, moments may feel like things are moving too slow, and other times you will think you are moving backwards. No matter what the case may be, it doesn’t mean you should stop. Compose after every stumble, enjoy the ride even while slow, and sometimes moving backwards helps us see the better way to approach the goal. This is a reminder. You are unstoppable.

Dark and Light

It’s never easy to walk life alone
The cold and darkness creeps up
Tapping on your shoulder to pull you in
The light forever fading
Giving the darkness more power
Curled up in the corner
You try and hide from it
Where is the one you love
Where is the family you hold dear
The darkness creeps in filling those holes
With nothingness
What to do in such a time of need
You can run, hide or even change who you are
You cannot escape the darkness
A hand reaches out to you
Taking the hand it pulls you away
Further and further away the darkness gets
As the hand begins to pull you toward the light
The closer you get to the light more hands reach to you
Until finally there is nothing but light surrounding you
The light pours out the darkness within you
Leaving nothing but a fulfilling joyful bliss
New people come around you to rid you of the loneliness
Your heart and soul now at peace
You have entered Cloud 9

Lost Lamb

Do you not feel the Love?
Do you not feel the Hate?
Do you not understand, you will never escape the fate?

I tried for us to be on the same pages,
Repeatedly and endlessly for ages.
But she changed on me like a flip book,
Decorating my memories like a scrapbook.
Images, colors, glitter, and glue had littered my mind,
I tried to turn back chapters with a hard rewind.
All the tender moments had been swiped by a debt collector,
Bittersweet thoughts forced me to have to forget her.

Can you not see the Sun?
Can you not see the Rain?
Can you not understand, you will never see all my pain?

So, I stood there at the fork unsure of what’s right,
Searching around, yet all I saw was what went wrong.
Every path appeared to echo all my mistakes,
Like a collection of villains gathered for the worst song.
There was little left that I could do to get back home,
Forced from my comfort for all my atrocities.
Solo I stood with the past playing, continuously reminding me,
“I am a symphony of self-destructive tendencies.”

Will you not have the Truth?
Will you not have the Lies?
Understand, you will not ruin both our lives.

Slowly I could observe the world moving on, like gears,
Shifting in the clockwork, moving through the years.
Consistently, I had every dream transform into a nightmare,
Yet all I could manage to do was complain that “it was unfair.”
Things just don’t feel like they used to, for the best,
I finally started to see things different than the rest.
The world I knew had finally left me in a life of silence,
Luckily, I learned to use my history as a source of guidance.

A Journey

I’ve been thinking
Slipping and tripping on the wrong things.
My mind, spiraling out of control at the worse thoughts.
Cascading and descending to the darkest recesses.


Unrelenting fears of what could one day be.
Truthfully fearful of never having what could have been.
Never-ending in my self-torment of regret and indecision.
Countless moments wasted for chances so worthless.


Reaching for the freedom of my own self-doubt.
Clamoring for the edge of my own salvation.
Scaling for the cliff of my own imposed restrictions.
Climbing for the peak of my own self-actualization.


The light on the other side of fear shines so bright.
Like the candle miles away in consuming darkness.
Hope is a strange teacher in the worst of conditions.
Reminding you which way is down before you can come up.

Do You Feel?

Tell me do you feel that?
The rhythm of the world beneath your feet.
It shakes the world in ways I could not explain.
Everything shifts around but this stays still.

Tell me do you feel it?
Everything around us dances to the beat.
Somehow nothing ever seems to feel any pain.
All that we know is that there is a way with a will.

Tell me do you feel this?
Even if we pause for a moment and take a seat.
Even if the sky starts to pour down a torrent of rain.
I find myself so addicted to your presence like a pill.

Tell me you feel like I do?
Anytime I spend with you is a satisfying treat.
I lose myself in you happily without a track to this train.
Blessed I am to have you remedy my heart when I fall ill.

Quality > Quantity

Wisdom is not determined by the years that one has experienced hardships.
Wisdom is obtained by the actions taken to ensure negative repercussions will no longer become a constant.
80 years old.
60 years left.
40 years lived.
20 years fresh.
No matter the time, each one can learn something from the one before them and surely learn something from the one that is coming upon them.

By Air, Land, and Sea

Through the sky I once soared,
A freedom I wish I cherished.
Never had I realized the beauty of the air,
Not until my ability of flight hath perished.

Now I run along the gentle soil,
Though my gaze lingers on the sky.
Still I maintain my sense of freedom,
But when I recall my wings I wonder why.

Soon I will be swimming relentlessly,
Diving further into unknown depths.
One day I will see the darkness turn to light,
Until finally my body gives my last breath.


My skin is cold to the touch,
Steel woven to make my skin.
My bones are brittle,
Copper core through to the morrow.
My veins are solid gold,
Pumping nothing but lead and graphite.
My hair is silver strings,
Slowly fading and rusting away.
My vision remains ever clear,
Through the eyes of shimmering diamonds.
I smile from time to time,
Take note of the rows of white pearls.
All of this are combined,
Together they form my body.
Struggling to push on further,
Can my Papier-mâché heart handle?

Many Words

I don’t know how many sweet words I have conjured into your mind,
But, tell me, do you remember them all?
Relentless of what you do everyday.

Do all the words remain intact within your mind?
Do they please you when you are unpleased?
And do they intrigue you when you are relieved?
I don’t know how many words I have conspired within a given line,
But, tell me, have you learned them all?

Regardless of what is written,
Do all the words rhyme within the given line?
Do they inform you when you are uninformed?
And do they excite you when you are forlorned?

I don’t know how many words,
Words I have said that I can say are mine,
But, tell me, have you heard them all?

Needless of all that have been said,
Do all the words I bestow upon you signal some sort of sign?
Do they merry you when you are sad?
And do they lecture you when you are bad?

I don’t know about others but I think we are just fine,
But, tell me, have you told them all?

Heedless of what we do,
Does it delight you that I belong to only you?
And does it move you that my love for you is forever true?