A Journey

I’ve been thinkingSlipping and tripping on the wrong things.My mind, spiraling out of control at the worse thoughts.Cascading and descending to the darkest recesses. Deeper.Darker.Daunting.Depressing. Unrelenting fears of what could one day be.Truthfully fearful of never having what could have been.Never-ending in my self-torment of regret and indecision.Countless moments wasted for chances so worthless. Slowly.Slyly.Solemn.Somber.Continue reading “A Journey”

Quality > Quantity

Wisdom is not determined by the years that one has experienced hardships. Wisdom is obtained by the actions taken to ensure negative repercussions will no longer become a constant.80 years old. 60 years left.40 years lived.20 years fresh.No matter the time, each one can learn something from the one before them and surely learn somethingContinue reading “Quality > Quantity”

Be Better Than Yourself

Stop comparing yourself to other people, and I am guilty of it too so I know it is easier said than done. We constantly find ourselves comparing our looks, our possessions, our happiness to other people. I can say I will never live the life of Dan Bilzerian or Jonathan N. Roberts, and not becauseContinue reading “Be Better Than Yourself”