Dark and Light

It’s never easy to walk life alone
The cold and darkness creeps up
Tapping on your shoulder to pull you in
The light forever fading
Giving the darkness more power
Curled up in the corner
You try and hide from it
Where is the one you love
Where is the family you hold dear
The darkness creeps in filling those holes
With nothingness
What to do in such a time of need
You can run, hide or even change who you are
You cannot escape the darkness
A hand reaches out to you
Taking the hand it pulls you away
Further and further away the darkness gets
As the hand begins to pull you toward the light
The closer you get to the light more hands reach to you
Until finally there is nothing but light surrounding you
The light pours out the darkness within you
Leaving nothing but a fulfilling joyful bliss
New people come around you to rid you of the loneliness
Your heart and soul now at peace
You have entered Cloud 9

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