Lost Lamb

Do you not feel the Love?
Do you not feel the Hate?
Do you not understand, you will never escape the fate?

I tried for us to be on the same pages,
Repeatedly and endlessly for ages.
But she changed on me like a flip book,
Decorating my memories like a scrapbook.
Images, colors, glitter, and glue had littered my mind,
I tried to turn back chapters with a hard rewind.
All the tender moments had been swiped by a debt collector,
Bittersweet thoughts forced me to have to forget her.

Can you not see the Sun?
Can you not see the Rain?
Can you not understand, you will never see all my pain?

So, I stood there at the fork unsure of what’s right,
Searching around, yet all I saw was what went wrong.
Every path appeared to echo all my mistakes,
Like a collection of villains gathered for the worst song.
There was little left that I could do to get back home,
Forced from my comfort for all my atrocities.
Solo I stood with the past playing, continuously reminding me,
“I am a symphony of self-destructive tendencies.”

Will you not have the Truth?
Will you not have the Lies?
Understand, you will not ruin both our lives.

Slowly I could observe the world moving on, like gears,
Shifting in the clockwork, moving through the years.
Consistently, I had every dream transform into a nightmare,
Yet all I could manage to do was complain that “it was unfair.”
Things just don’t feel like they used to, for the best,
I finally started to see things different than the rest.
The world I knew had finally left me in a life of silence,
Luckily, I learned to use my history as a source of guidance.

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